“A rustically deconstructed stage whisks the audience away throughout the life of Pip, the lead character in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival production of “Great Expectations.” Staggered wood, from floor to ceiling, leaves small slits that show a painted abstract, which sets, with the right lighting, a marsh, London, and even the gardens outside of Miss Havisham’s house. This simple, and yet completely effective scenic design by Collette Pollard, and lighting design by Jaymi Lee Smith, manages a spectacular passage through the novel’s lifetime. Candles are randomly lit and extinguished throughout the performance, just as Pip quickly moves in-and-out of the interactions that transition him from a boy to a gentleman. Small stage props create an entire scene. Risers depict multiple layers of movement, and a table and chairs sketch an entire house or tavern.”

—-Sarah Kirby, The Siskiyou News