“In terms of production values, I was personally most astounded by the incredible combination of scenic design by Collette Pollard, lighting design by David Weiner and sound design by Obadiah Eaves. Props falling from the ceiling, parts of scenes isolated by small “ding” sounds and spotlights were only the tip of the iceberg — the most spectacular yet still very simple theatrical effect involved Dang and Hannah standing on the roof of a high rise, gripping the salt-shaker with the stone. As Hannah, in a fit of uncharacteristic rage, throws her grandmother’s prized possession over the side of the building, small whooshing sounds and the sounds of a bird catching it combined with lighting and the height of the set gives the illusion of the object actually being thrown and caught even if the salt-shaker never left the actors’ hands. It’s such a magical moment that involves the talents of many designers that only lasts an instant, but leaves an impression for a lifetime.”

—- Olivia Popp, The Stanford Daily