“I just flew back to the East Coast from one of the most exciting reviewing trips in my six-year-long career as The Wall Street Journal’s drama critic… To begin with, he (Cromer) has collaborated closely with his designers to create a visual environment for Williams’s play that looks nothing like any “Glass Menagerie” I’ve ever seen, even though it is fundamentally faithful to both the spirit and the letter of the text. At the center of Collette Pollard’s set is a cramped, shabby tenement apartment identical to the one described in Williams’s stage directions — except that the walls of the living room have been ripped away and are hanging askew in midair. Throughout the evening a stream of images related to the play is projected on these walls: words and phrases plucked from the script, “home movies” of the characters as seen in their youth, live close-ups of the actors that are shot by video cameras concealed on the set.”

—-Terry Teachout, The Wall Street Journal