The drawing room of Minister’s Wife, designed by Collette Pollard, is a space you dream of moving into, with spare lines and restraint appropriate to an Anglican minister, but filled with rich colors and walled bookcases laden with books. This is a household place, is fit both to pen sermons and entertain guests. Virtually all the action of this 95-minute play takes place on this set, which is a lot of time to spend in any one place. However, the different areas of the stage, each with a different type of activity associated with it, break up the action and keep plot moving forward.

This drawing room, home to the minister’s household, also provides a narrow view into a back music room, creating the sense that there’s something happening elsewhere. A four-member band provides an almost perpetual accompaniment. The floating piano arpeggios nibbling on the edges of your consciousness are never overstated, but enhance the dialogue, providing occasional moments of auditory delight that fit perfectly with the set.

—-Cy Ashley Webb, StarkInSider